Denis May Prints

‘Strange Meeting’      A selection of Prints by Denis May

DENIS MAY – born in 1929. Denis May’s parents were married in June 1914. His Father was posted to France in August 1914 where he stayed until 1919.

May became aware of the power of Owen’s verse when he and his father listened to the first performance of Benjamin Britten’s ‘War Requiem’ in 1962. It starts with the poem ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ – ‘What passing-bells for those who die as cattle? Only the monstrous anger of the guns’.  His father listened intently to the performance. ‘Who is the poet?’ he asked. May replied, ‘Wilfred Owen’. ‘Can you get hold of a book of his poetry? There was a poet who KNEW the War’ he said.  During May’s teaching years he decided to illustrate Wilfred Owen poems. He cut 70 lino blocks illustrating a selection of quotes from Owen’s war poems. Many of the prints have been exhibited in Portsmouth and Lichfield Cathedrals.

Shropshire is now exhibiting 14 of these special collection prints for the Wilfred Owen 100 commemoration celebration over 100 days.

‘Strange Meeting’      Curated by Shrewsbury Heritage

This list gives the location of each of the 14 prints in Shropshire. 

Each print is FOR SALE 

Please contact Maggie Love directly for details on the sale of each of the prints. email

The venue name, postcode and the title of the Wilfred Owen poem that inspired the artwork. 

Oswestry Museum   SY11 1PZ     The Dead Beat

Park Hall  The Countryside Experience  Trenches  SY11 4AS  The Letter 

Willow Gallery   SY11 1AD  Spring Offensive

Oswestry Library  SY11 1JN  The Chances 

Oswestry Visitor & Exhibition Centre  SY11 2TE Anthem for Doomed Youth

Oswestry Cricket Club  Wilfred Owen Bar  SY11 2AY Dulce Et Decorum Est

Oswestry Parish Church  SY11 2SY  The Unreturning

British Iron Works   SY11 4JH Asleep

Shrewsbury Regimental Museum  SY1 2AT  The Last laugh

St Mary’s Church Shrewsbury SY1 1EF    Smile, Smile, Smile

Vision Gallery  Darwin Shopping Centre  SY1 1PL  The Send-Off

The Abbey Shrewsbury    SY2 6BS  Strange Meeting

Theatre Severn  SY3 8FT  Futility

At a Calvary near the Ancre   – has already SOLD 

Current three in Tanners Window August Friday 24 – Friday September 7

At a Calvery near the Ancre, Futility and Strange Meeting

Please contact Maggie Love if you are interested in buying any of the prints.

They will be in exhibition until January 2019.





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