Welcome to Shrewsbury Heritage

Shrewsbury Heritage Celebrations established in 2004, has brought many large scale events to the County Town of Shrewsbury in this time.

The group is lead by a team of professional specialists in Heritage and the Arts.

Their events bring volunteers from the Community, of all ages and abilities, who are passionate about the local heritage to create high quality entertainment.

Contact Maggie Love if you’d interested in being part of Shrewsbury Heritage or would like to further information.


Shropshire is home to the great poet Wilfred Owen @wilfredowen  #WO100 Shrewsbury Heritage is looking for support to create a legacy artwork for Wilfred Owen 100. Click here to make a donation.  Please go to the Denis May page to review the A1 prints.  Inquiries on the sale of the prints, please email Maggie sytmaggie@yahoo.com

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Shrewsbury Heritage was established in 2004